World Curling Federation partners with WOW! Special Event Management Inc.   

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World Curling Federation partners with WOW! Special Event Management Inc.                         

Perth, Scotland – The World Curling Federation has partnered with WOW! Special Event Management Inc. to develop curling at the recreational level.

WOW! Special Event Management Inc. will support the World Curling Federation in the operation of the World Curling Federation Adult Curling Camp held each summer in Prague, the Czech Republic and to develop new international camp locations for recreational curlers.

WOW! Special Events has produced live events in the sport and entertainment world from curling camps to concerts, fairs, festivals, and sanctioned watersport competitions. The HOT SHOTS Curling Camps were established in 1995 to create a connection with elite players and club curlers through curling clinics.

WOW! Special Event Management has staged the HOT SHOTS Curling Camps in Canada and the United States since 1995. Over 3,500 campers have attended the summer and autumn clinics. The camp curriculum and world-class instruction have elevated the play of participants and provided campers with the tools to become ambassadors for the sport at the club level.

World Curling Federation Head of Development, Scott Arnold said, “Having been an instructor at HOT SHOTS Curling Camp and knowing firsthand of the success they have had over the past 25 plus years, I am excited to announce our partnership with WOW! Special Event Management Inc. to operate the World Curling Federation Adult Curling Camp in Prague.

“David Gravelle and his team have worked on creating a curriculum that is second to none in the adult learn-to-curl market. I have always been impressed at how professionally run the camps are and I think this partnership makes the perfect next step in the development of the World Curling Federation Adult Curling Camp.

“New and experienced curlers alike will advance their skills learning from the HOT SHOTS instructors in Prague this summer, and hopefully many summers to come.”

 WOW! Special Events owner and Camp Director David Gravelle said, “We’re excited to partner with the WCF and play our part in developing the sport of curling at the grassroots level.”

“Over the years, we’ve continued to update and enhance our curriculum to teach all levels of curlers, from beginners to advanced players, and stick and wheelchair curlers.

“We have an amazing team of instructors, coaches and athletes who teach at our camps each year, and we look forward to adding international athletes and coaches to our team as we broaden our programming around the world”, he added.

“Our adult camps are intense, yet fun clinics which cover all aspects of the game from a solid, balanced delivery to effective sweeping techniques,” explained Gravelle. 

“We also focus on team-building, team communication and lots of strategy – both for beginners and advanced players. 

We wrap up our three-day camp with game situation analysis, with our coaches on the ice helping with reading the ice, angles, timing stones, communication and tactics. Our camps are so popular that a number of campers return on multiple occasions to enhance their play”, he concluded.

The 2023 edition of the World Curling Federation Adult Camp will be held at the Roztyly Curling Hall in Prague, the Czech Republic from 29 to 31 August. 

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